The 2021 WM Winter Conference, “She Abides”, is the first of many conferences to be offered to the women in the Southern Pacific District. 


It will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2021 starting at 10:00 AM via facebook and youtube. This year, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, it will be done in a virtual manner, but we are praying that soon we can see each other in person and embrace in the love of Jesus.


It will be a time to connect with other women through fellowship, worship, and in hearing the word of God.  Our guest speakers include Cristina Navar Colin and Annette Brito Casas, both PKs in our District, who have professional careers, are mothers and wives, and lead ministries within their respective churches. Additionally, we will have shout-outs from other Region 6 churches and you will hear from the leaders of the different women ministries.


We are SUPER excited to include a LIVE Prelude at 9:50 AM where we will get to check in before the event starts, and an afterglow to have some LIVE commentary. Finally, we will have a “Coffee Chat” one week after the event via Zoom, so that we can have a 2-way conversation and get to meet you! 


Don’t miss out on this very special event. I can’t wait to see you, God Bless! 


-Saraid Luna

Region 6 Coordinator

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Basada en la vida y carácter de Daniel. Como podemos hacer mujeres triunfantes en el dia del hoy.

based on the life and character of Daniel, how can we make successful women today


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